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Mrs. Paula Marie Williams

Mrs. Paula Marie Williams

Beloved Mother, Sister, Aunt, and Friend

I was the fourth child born to Vernon Sr. and Marynell Briggs on March 4, 1958, in Lafayette, Louisiana. I was the first-born girl and was baptized with my bestie (Bobby) at the age of 8. My early education was acquired at James A. Herod in Abbeville, Louisiana and received my high school education in the Houston Independent School District in Houston, Texas. I lived to serve others in any
capacity I could. Whether cooking, cleaning, & babysitting; my love and passion for dancing (two-stepping) outweighed my desire for any of the above. In addition, I won several contests in Abbeville, Louisiana and surrounding areas with my brother Marshall.

On Monday, May 28, 1973 my life changed forever! My One and Only baby girl, Angela Briggs-Brown (Angie Boo) was born! The last Fifty years has been a miraculous journey and I leave my legacy of life & love with you! I have no worries because you’re in good hands with God and my beautiful Granddaughters you brought into this world Latifah (Erick)& Phatifah, and the newest edition that Latifah and Erick are blessing our family with. Not to mention, Aunt Bobby & Uncle Chee; my 3 brothers and 1 sister; Marcus (Uncle Marshall) Briggs (Manguella), Russell (Uncle Red) Briggs, Aunt Cathy Briggs (Goldie), and your Uncle Stanley Phill (Stephanie) will be there for you; my girls; and our newest blessing! Angie Boo, I love the relationship you have with your many cousins, and they are there with you just as they always have. Please do not forget you have my aunts and uncles, “Aunt Winnie”, “Aunt Shirley”, “Uncle Bubba”, “Uncle Adam” (Truly), and “Uncle Leroy” along with your village of friends and extended family’s love and support for you as you continue the journey called life.

I await the day to reunite with My James who I was married to for twenty-three years; Alvin, my love, who became My life partner after James’ passing; my mother & father; maternal grandparents (Charles Robinson, Beatrice & Adam Harrison Sr.); paternal grandparents (Ludrick Briggs and Lshma Levine); and My brothers (Bishop Vernon Jr. and Robert Briggs). I will see aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends in that Great Getting up Morning!!!

This is not good-bye; it’s simply See You Later!!!!!

Service Information

Saturday, April 20, 2024
Viewing: 1-1:45 AM
Service: 2:00 PM

Good Shepherd Baptist Church
7818 Bonaire Street
Houston, Texas 77028
Pastor Stan Phill, Officiating


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